Course Curriculum

Introduction to Data Science 00:00:00
Knowing Big Data 00:00:00
Outcomes of Big Data 00:00:00
Big Data Basic Quiz In English 00:05:00
Job Acceleration Program (JAP)
Knowing JAP 00:00:00
Elaborating JAP 00:00:00
Chalo INDIA Startup Drive
All About Chalo INDIA Startup Drive 00:00:00
Structured & Unstructured Basics 00:00:00
Hadoop made simple 00:00:00
AVODHA Official English YouTube Channel 00:00:49
Data Mining
Introduction to Mining 00:00:00
Setting up Data Mining 00:00:00
Getting into Data Mining 00:00:00
Octaparsing Live 00:00:00
Scraping Quiz 00:03:00
Data Mining Quiz -1 In English 00:03:00
Introduction to HADOOP 00:00:00
Hadoop Introduction Quiz 00:01:00
What is the difference between a Local file system (LFS) and HDFS? 00:00:00
HADOOP Distributed File System 00:00:00
How to Create a New Microsoft Azure Account 00:00:00
HADOOP Yarn 00:00:00
Hadoop MapReduce 00:00:00
Step by step Guide Ubuntu (Linux) virtual machine installation on windows and configure Hadoop 00:00:00
Hadoop Installation and Map Reduce Job Execution DEMO 00:00:00
Hadoop- MapReduce Practical Assignments 00:00:00
Map Reduce – Test your Knowledge 00:03:00
SQL-Structured Query Language 00:00:00
SQL Quiz – Test your Knowledge 00:03:00
Apache HIVE – Hadoop Ecosystem Tool 00:00:00
Step by Step Guide : Apache HIVE installation using Cygwin on Windows & External Table Creation 00:00:00
Apache HIVE-Practical Assignment -Part 1 00:00:00
Apache HIVE-Practical Assignment -Part 1-Continued 00:00:00
Apache Spark – Session 1 00:00:00
HIVE Quiz – Test your Knowledge 00:03:00
Step by Step Guide : Apache Hbase installation on Windows & Table Creation 00:00:00
Apache HBase Practical Assignment 00:00:00
Hadoop Eco System- Other Tools 00:00:00
Hadoop – Test your knowledge 00:04:00
Hadoop Ecosystem Final Exit Mid Term Quiz 00:03:00
Apache Spark -Session 2 00:00:00
Apache Spark Programming Guide 00:00:00
Apache Kafka Stream processing and DEMO 00:00:00
Apache Spark Streaming 00:00:00
Python for Apache Spark – pySpark 00:00:00
Getting into Azure
Big Data and Cloud Computing 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and Overview 00:00:00
Azure Subscription Policies ,Resource Groups and Storage Account 00:00:00
Starting with Azure
Microsoft Azure- Working with Data Storage 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure – DataBricks 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure- Working with Databricks 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure- Cosmos DB 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure SQL 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and PolyBase 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics and event hubs 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure Data Factory Service – ADF 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure Creating a Virtual Machine 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure : Securing Data Platforms 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure – Monitoring and Troubleshooting Data Storage and Processing 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure : Data Engineer Associate Certification Path- Part 1 00:00:00
Microsoft Azure : Data Engineer Associate Certification Path- Part 2 00:00:00
Azure Data Engineer Quiz – Test your Knowledge In English 00:10:00
Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Mock Test 00:30:00
More Resources for you
How To Be A Big Data Engineer 00:00:00
What are the job opportunities in BigData? 00:00:00
How to Prepare for a Job Interview 00:00:00
What is the attitude to work in the Industry 00:00:00
How to Manage Life and Work 00:00:00
How to excel in the field 00:00:00
Finishing HADOOP 00:00:00
Introduction to Data Science 00:00:00
Background of Data Science Part – I 00:00:00
FINAL TEST Unlimited
Congrats ! Submit the course completion form. 00:00:00